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I started writing for this blog in 2009. With two to four postings per month, there is quite a bit of content related to photography, travel, and public lands for you to explore. Here are a few starting points.

Peak experiences. Each journey in nature is unique, however there are some moments more unique of others, when I was priviledged to witness a awesome and rare moment that transcends the location. Each of them brough specific photography challenges.

National Parks and Monuments

New national parks. The decade 2005-2016 saw a single new national park, but we saw the establishment of four from 2017 to 2020. I tried to travel there early and reported about my first impressions in multi-part articles.

Out of the beaten path in popular parks. You can still make surprising discoveries and beat the crowds even in the most well-trodden parks.

Lesser known national parks. The national park system features a lot of hidden gems which are equally as interesting as the famous parks. For a quick overview, see Top Ten Less Crowded National Parks.

National monuments. If even the lesser visited parks feel too crowded, developed or regulated, then there are plenty of other public lands that await your exploration. The national monuments are often a superb choice. For an introduction, start with Visiting America’s National Monuments, the Parks Less Traveled.


Location-specific information. While the previous articles often mention photography to some degree, I’ve also written abundantly and specifically about photographing the national parks. For starters, the series National Parks Photo Spots highlighted one favorite location in each of the first 59 national parks, concluding with Pinnacles National Park: High Peaks Trail North. More recent writings include:

If the two last items were of interest, Guide to fall foliage in the national parks surveys all the national parks with fall foliage.

Gear. I’ve tried to focus this blog away from gear, but but my inner geak sometimes still shows up 🙂

Processing. What happens on the computer is not central to my photographs, however when shooting in RAW and printing the work, there is still a minimal amount of processing one needs to do. Books. The printed page is my favorite medium to enjoy photography, and a current focus of practice, so I write from the point of view of a collector (see Collecting photography books: A primer) as well as a author and publisher.

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