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Yosemite Unseen V: Mount Hoffman

Mount Hoffman (10,845 feet, 3,305 meters) is right in the center of Yosemite. For a (relatively) easy to access viewpoint which gives you spectacular bird-eye’s views of the Yosemite backcountry in all directions, it is hard to top this hike. If you do only one high-country summit hike in Yosemite, I would suggest this one. […]

History Channel calendar 2012 with QT Luong images

For their official 2012 Calendar, the History Channel Club has chosen 12 of my National Parks images from Yellowstone, Glacier Bay, Acadia, Rocky Mountain, Theodore Roosevelt, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Voyageurs, Smoky Mountains, Cuyahoga Valley, and Yosemite. The production is not as impressive as the Helma calendars, but it is still a nice 11×14 […]

Lexington, MA: Exhibit update and New images

One month ago, I returned to the National Heritage Museum in Lexington for a second artist lecture. I’d like to thank the almost 200 attendees who came although the weather outside was great this day. The event was initially going to coincide with the closing of “Treasured Lands”. However the museum has decided to extend […]