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The road (much) less traveled: South Maui

Most visitors to Haleakala National Park visit the Haleakala Crater, however the Park extends down from the summit to the ocean, reaching it in a small, but interesting area called Kipahulu. Instead of driving from the summit to Kipahulu through the Hana Coast, this time I tied the more direct, but seldom-traveled route through the […]

Top ten ways to make money in photography

Creating beautiful and meaningful photographs is hard enough, but making a living of them is even harder. For most who manage to do it, there is not a single source of income, but rather a wide variety of income streams that hopefully accumulate to form a large river. Here are what I think are the […]

Between Heaven and Earth: Haleakala Clouds

The Heleakala summit, at more than 10,000 feet high, is above the inversion layer separating lower maritime air from upper atmospheric air. On my previous visit to the crater, I always found myself above the clouds, in clear air. Last May, I arrived in Maui as storms were moving in and out. There were unusual […]

Treasured Lands: extension, lecture, reviews, online images and text

Treasured Lands, the exhibition of my 58 images of the National Parks at the National Heritage Museum (Lexington MA) initially scheduled to close in Fall 2010, then Spring 2011, has been extended a second time, until Sept 10, 2011. I will deliver another lecture on that closing day at 2pm (museum website). As the 2010 […]

Yosemite unseen IV: Indian Arch and North Dome

The three first hikes in this series may have given the impression that to see something out of the beaten path in Yosemite, you need to venture out of established trails, on exposed or strenuous paths. This could well be true of Yosemite Valley, so unique and so full of landmarks such as Yosemite Falls […]