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Treasured Lands: extension, lecture, reviews, online images and text

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Treasured Lands, the exhibition of my 58 images of the National Parks at the National Heritage Museum (Lexington MA) initially scheduled to close in Fall 2010, then Spring 2011, has been extended a second time, until Sept 10, 2011.

I will deliver another lecture on that closing day at 2pm (museum website). As the 2010 lecture was to a filled-up room, I have been told that the upcoming lecture will take place in the larger Maxwell Auditorium. I will also be signing copies of my recently released Yosemite book. Please be sure to introduce yourself if you attend, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

I’d like to thank Seth Kugel for mentioning the exhibit (“Mr. Luong’s large-format camera creates images of beaches and glaciers and deserts and waterfalls from American Samoa to Maine that were so astonishingly sharp and mesmerizing that my father was convinced there was some special 3-D technology involved. There’s not: they’re just awesome photos.”) in the Frugal Traveler column of the New York Times.

For the record, I must make a correction to Jody Feinberg’s Patriot Ledger review (which has since been repeated in several different sources). I am not the first to have photographed all the National Parks. This would have to be, without any doubt, Henry William Jackson, who was the first to photograph Yellowstone, which for a while was the only National Park. In 1941, when there were 25 National Parks (see list of National Parks by date of designation), Ansel Adams came very close to photographing all of them – partly on a Guggenheim fellowship, how times change ! – but he missed Everglades. Stan Jorstad photographed all of them when there were 55 of them. My claim is just to be the first to photograph 58 National Parks in large format. As far as I know, nobody else has done it since. Given the declining popularity of film, there is a possibility this won’t be done again, but one never knows.

My goal for Treasured Lands is to make it a traveling exhibit. Please feel free to suggest venues. In the while, I have created a Treasured Lands webpage where you can see the all of exhibition’s images and text on a single page. This could take some time to load on a slower internet connection.

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