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National Parks Week and publications

While Earth Day has been internationally celebrated for more than forty years, National Parks Week is a relatively recent initiative from the US National Park Service. It has been argued that the National Parks are “America’s best idea” – recently in the Ken Burns film with that title. That idea first came to fruition with […]

Earth Day

Everyday should be Earth Day. We should remember year round that our planet and its resources are finite. Yet the occasion is a great catalyst for change, bringing 190 countries together, connecting because of a common concern instead of our differences. Let be sure to learn something new today, and apply it to our everyday […]

Hiking in South Korea

When I strolled the streets of Daegu (fourth largest city in South Korea), I saw a pedestrian street lined up with retail stores for many outdoor gear brands, including Millet and Lafuma, two French brands that I’ve hardly seen anywhere in the US. On the Namsam Mountain, near Gyeongju, there were as many hikers as […]


Frequent visitors to terragalleria.com may have noticed unusual, repeated periods of downtime over the past month, as well as a gap in updates. The quick explanation is that the server hosting the site was hacked. Sure, this has happened several times in the past, but each time I had been able to figure out which […]