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Photo Spot 36: Biscayne National Park – Elliott Key inner shoreline

Last week, we waded in the water in a Everglades cypress dome. We will continue walking in the water this week, although in a different environment. The Florida Keys form a chain of barrier islands beginning offshore of Miami, and extending for more than 130 miles to Key West. While almost the entire chain of […]

A fun afternoon in San Francisco

On Saturday, I took a break from my work on Yosemite (more on it latter). I first headed to 49 Geary, a building near Union Square, where several floors are occupied by world class art galleries, giving you the opportunity to see a variety of art in a single location. The main draw of the […]

Photo Spot 35: Everglades National Park – Pa-hay-okee cypress domes

On my first visit to Everglades National Park, I focused on the wildlife, the wading birds and alligators. Nowhere else in North America are the birds that diverse, abundant and easy to observe and photograph along one of the parks famous boardwalk trails. The scenery at first appeared flat and monotonous, so I was content […]

Photo Spot 34: Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Clingsman’s Dome

The Appalachians, largest mountain range in the Eastern US, culminates at its southern end in North Carolina and Tennessee. Those two states split Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which preserves one of the finest virgin deciduous forest in the world. The top of Clingsman’s Dome is the highest point in the Park, at 6,643 ft […]

Mac system re-install and software list

They say “it just works”. However, over the last month, my Apple computer just crashed. The symptom is a “kernel panic”, with a message over the frozen screen advising to hold the power button. This first happened a few times a week, and then worsened to several times a day. After two other support people, […]

Photo Spot 33: Mammoth Cave National Park – Frozen Niagara

Over 300 miles of caves have been mapped in Mammoth Cave National Park, making it the largest known cave system in the world. Depending on the season, the National Park Service offers up to a dozen different tours into the caves. Although some of the tours can last up to 6 hours, most of the […]

Photo Spot 32: Hot Springs National Park – the Cascade

It is easy to dismiss at a first glance Hot Springs National Park. The smallest of the US National Parks (just over 5,500 acres) consists mostly of Central Avenue, the main street of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and seemingly undistinguished hills. So why is it the oldest area in the National Park System, set aside as […]