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Photographing Biscayne National Park from the Air

In addition to water visits, I spent an hour in the air to photograph Biscayne National Park from an airplane, and another one from a drone. This post offers quick aerial photography tips, illustrated with photographs that reveal perspectives on the park not visible from the ground. Aerial photography offers two benefits: access to places […]

Everglades Mosquitoes and Cypress Domes

The NPS website states “Camping at the southern tip of Everglades National Park is an experience to remember!”. I indeed vividly remember camping at Flamingo on my first trip to the Everglades in January 1998. Although it was during the relatively bug-free winter, that night I was overwhelmed by the mosquitoes. I had never gotten […]

A day on the water in Biscayne National Park

I just returned from a trip to Miami. Why did I find myself there in summer again ? The Miami Country Day School (MCDS) is hosting my National Parks travel exhibit in the Sol Taplin Gallery as part of their “Campaign for the Arts” until Oct 10. They invited me to visit for three days […]

The Everglades in Summer

Being sub-tropical, South Florida has only two different seasons. The wet season starts around the middle of May and continues through to November with the last major storms. During this time, South Florida gets a lot of rain and everything gets really wet. The dry season runs from December through April. During this season, everything […]

A summer visit to Dry Tortugas National Park

In July, I returned to Dry Tortugas National Park. Considering that I had visited the Park three times before, each visit longer than the previous, and that its main area, Garden Key, has a tiny size of 400 meters by 500 meters, 3 days/2 nights may sound a lot of time to spend, but this […]

New images: Florida cities

I’ve done quite a few trips to Florida in the past. Each time I concentrated on natural locations in South Florida. They are certainly exceptional, but represent only a portion of what the state has to offer. On my last trip to Florida, this October, I remedied this unbalance by visited mostly cities. I went […]

Photo Spot 37: Dry Tortugas National Park – Fort Jefferson Moat

updated Aug 18, 2003 A few weeks ago, we ventured into the northernmost of the Florida Keys, Elliott Key in Biscayne National Park. Today, we visit the Key situated at the opposite end of the chain. Dry Tortugas National Park, 70 miles of Key West, Florida, like Biscayne is mostly an underwater park. The land […]

Photo Spot 36: Biscayne National Park – Elliott Key inner shoreline

Last week, we waded in the water in a Everglades cypress dome. We will continue walking in the water this week, although in a different environment. The Florida Keys form a chain of barrier islands beginning offshore of Miami, and extending for more than 130 miles to Key West. While almost the entire chain of […]

Photo Spot 35: Everglades National Park – Pa-hay-okee cypress domes

On my first visit to Everglades National Park, I focused on the wildlife, the wading birds and alligators. Nowhere else in North America are the birds that diverse, abundant and easy to observe and photograph along one of the parks famous boardwalk trails. The scenery at first appeared flat and monotonous, so I was content […]