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photo spot 27: Shenandoah National Park – Rose River Falls

Shenandoah National Park stretches along the crest of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains for 105 miles. Only one mile wide at places, at at most thirteen miles wide, for many visitors, the Park is the Skyline Drive. The winding road offers uncountable numbers of scenic overlooks on both sides. However the topography is gentle rather than […]

Canon Professional Services membership

CPS is a great service that used to be under the radar for many Canon photographers, because it is not widely advertised, and membership requirements were strict. CPS offers expedited and discounted repairs, as well as free equipment loans. I’ve read of people waiting weeks for their cameras to be repaired. On four occasions, I […]

Photo Spot 26: Carlsbad Caverns National Park – Big Room

In Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the same 250-million year old limestone reef that forms the Guadalupe Mountains has been dissolved into caves. The gypsum that forms the rare sand dunes – last week’s photo spot – is one of the by-products of the dissolution of limestone by sulfuric acid. Most of the caves are formed […]

New images: Boston

I’ve updated my page of images of Boston with new images from March 2010. Boston was the first city in the US that I visited, two decades ago. Back in those days, as a computer scientist, we had frequent collaborations with the MIT where I came to give technical talks. About twenty images on the […]

Photo Spot 25: Guadalupe Mountains National Park – Sand Dunes

Guadalupe Mountains National Park offers in a compact size a great variety of scenery and juxtapositions, including the highest mountains in Texas, canyons, desert, and sand dunes. The vegetation range from desert plants, to woodland trees whose color in autumn rival New England. Being among the least visited of the parks in the continental US, […]

Photo spot 24: Big Bend National Park – South Rim

Remoteness makes Big Basin National Park one of the least visited National Parks. The park lies 325 miles from El Paso, the closest major city. The three roads that lead to the park end there. They do not pass through to another location. A diverse topography, flora, and fauna surprise the visitor who takes the […]

New images: New Hampshire towns

I’ve posted new images of the towns of Portsmouth, Walpole, and Concord. Last March, I found myself again in New England. I had originally planned to travel in the mountains to photograph winter scenes. It turned out to be the warmest March on record. Places that were normally covered in feet of snow were dry. […]