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New images: New Hampshire towns

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I’ve posted new images of the towns of Portsmouth, Walpole, and Concord.

Last March, I found myself again in New England. I had originally planned to travel in the mountains to photograph winter scenes.

It turned out to be the warmest March on record. Places that were normally covered in feet of snow were dry. At least a month away from greening up, the landscape looked bleak. Historically, this was a stark time, when people were running out of food and starving. Bare forests and trees do have a stark beauty, especially under cloudy skies, and you’ll see quite a few of those images in this spring’s installments.

As I also needed to create images with more popular appeal, I chose on that trip to concentrate on towns and villages, since they did not look that different from other seasons.

My favorite town to explore in New Hampshire was Portsmouth, which I found to have a lot of character, as well as variety for such a small town. However, I found each New Hampshire town interesting. Even though the purpose of my visit to Walpole – a village far from usual tourist destinations – was to visit Dayton Duncan and Florentine Films, I was quite taken with the harmony and architectural homogeneity of the place. There is something special about places that have been lived in continuously for a long time.

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