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QT Luong photo on NPS home page for a year and half

I am honored to report that my Yosemite Winter Sunset photo has been displayed continuously on the home page of the National Park Service for a year and half. The first screen shot is from June 2009, the second screen shot from Oct 2010. You may be able to date them using the headlines. Ansel […]

Photo Spot 47: Gates of the Arctic National Park – The Maidens

The first 46 National Parks I went to were relatively easy to visit. In fact, I have always found one of the big draws of the US National Parks was how easily one can access such pristine and magnificent scenery. The last ten include some seriously remote locations. This post features what is possibly the […]

Mount Rainier National Park new images: fall foliage

I thought that the alpine gardens of Paradise were hard to surpass in terms of beautiful vegetation in the summer, when they are covered with an incredibly thick wildflower display. After a new visit last fall, I am no longer sure which season I prefer in the park. While the flower carpets cover lot of […]

Photo Spot 46: Congaree National Park – Weston Lake

Located in South Carolina just a half-hour’s from its capital Columbia, Congaree National Park preserves the largest remaining old-growth bottomland forest in North America. The easy 2.4 mile boardwalk loop trail is an obvious choice for an introduction to the park, offering diverse perspectives, and natural environments. It begins on the bluff where the visitor […]

Mount Rainier National Park new images: Comet Falls

Mount Rainier dominates the surrounding landscape like no other mountain in America. The ice-capped volcano is visible from more than 100 miles away. However, the mountain is so big that it creates its own weather, often hiding in the clouds when everywhere else is clear. During my last trip to Mount Rainier National Park, I […]

Photo Spot 45: Virgin Islands National Park – Trunk Bay

Virgin Islands National Park protects a significant part of the Caribbean island of St John, the most relaxed, preserved, and affluent of the US Virgin Islands. Since there are no airports on St John, to travel to this lush tropical paradise, I flew into St Thomas, then took a ferry to St John. There, after […]

North Cascades National Park New Images- Fall Foliage

My second goal in visiting North Cascades National Park was to photograph some fall foliage there, especially since I had photographed fall foliage in each corner of the US, except in the North West. The first source of fall foliage color I found on that trip was provided by maple trees, in particular vine maples […]

Photo Spot 44: Saguaro National Park – Hugh Norris Trail

The saguaro cactus, with its multiple arms, is an icon of the American West. Although Western Films place them all over the place, they actually grow natively only in the Sonoran Desert, whose US portion is all included in southern Arizona. Around Tucson, the higher rate of precipitation causes the saguaro to grow twice as […]

North Cascades National Park New Images: Hidden Lake

It’s been a few months since I posted about new images in this blog. Although there are a lot of Yosemite and New York images I’d yet to comment on, in an effort to catch up, I am fast-forwarding to the most recent National Parks trip of this fall. The first objective of my visit […]