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Canon 24 TSE-II v 24 TSE, a comparative review

About a decade ago, I switched from Nikon to Canon. I was attracted, among other things, by the availability of a 24mm tilt and shift (T/S) lens, which brings to 35mm some of the controls available to the large format camera photographer. While it has served me well, its T/S functions making it possible to […]

Photo Spot 31: Acadia National Park – Cadillac Mountain

Acadia National Park is my favorite landscape location on the East Coast because it packs in a small area (only 40,000 acres) such a great variety of scenery. The shoreline includes beaches, headlands, boulders, and slabs with a range of orientations. Large and small freshwater bodies are surrounded by two major forest types (eastern deciduous […]

New images and trip report: Acadia National Park – Isle au Haut

I’ve posted new images of the Isle au Haut section of Acadia National Park. How can you photograph a truly remote place with a feeling of wilderness, in Acadia National Park, one of the 10 most visited National Parks ? Visit Isle au Haut ! During my entire visit to Isle au Haut, I did […]

Photo spot 30: Voyageurs National Park – Ash River entrance

The two parks typical of the North Woods, Voyageurs National Park and Isle Royale National Park, present different challenges. While Isle Royale is a hard-to-get island explored on foot, the core of Voyageurs National Park is a system of interconnected lakes. Getting to the edge of the Voyageurs is easy, however travel within the park […]

Contest: figure out the National Parks Photo Spots series and win a print

As regular readers know, I am posting a weekly series about the US National Parks: each week, I write about a different National Park. I pick a specific location in this park that I find particularly interesting, and with great photographic potential. Since there are currently 58 US National Parks, we have reached the mid-way […]

New Images: Coastal Maine villages

I have posted new images of Coastal Maine. Unlike in the western coast of the US, where much of the coastline is public land, almost every parcel of the 3500 mile-long coastline there is privately owned. The slogan that appears on Maine license plates is “Vacationland”. However, with a bit of exploring, it is still […]

Photo spot 29: Isle Royale National Park – Rock Harbor to Chippewa through Greenstone Ridge

After North Cascades National Park, the second least visited of the National Parks in the continental US, we turn our attention to the least visited, Isle Royale. While at first, the visitation numbers for North Cascades may sound surprisingly low, it is easy to see why Isle Royale sees so few people. Isle Royale is […]

Rangefinder Magazine profiles QT Luong

Rangefinder Magazine has an article about my National Parks project in their June 2010 issue. Here is a link to the PDF. If you weren’t aware of Rangefinder magazine (which is not widely distributed in stores), take a look: calling themselves “The magazine for professional photographers”, they deliver on this promise. You won’t find the […]

Photo Spot 28: North Cascades National Park – Cascade Pass

Despite preserving some of America’s most beautiful mountain landscapes, only three hours from Seattle, North Cascades National Park remains one of the two least visited parks in the lower 48 states. It receives less than 20,000 visitors per year, the same amount as Yosemite receives in two days. The greater unit, referred to as North […]

New images: Cape Cod

I’ve posted new images of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cape Cod, being home to some of the most popular beaches in America, is quite crowded during the summer, when for instance the population of Provincetown swells from 3,000 to 60,000. However, during my March visit, the huge beach parking lots were mostly empty. I found the […]