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Views from the top, Ho Chi Minh City

I am always drawn to high viewpoints, because they provide an entirely new perspective. The immediacy and chaos of the street immersion gives way to a more detached experience where greater urban patterns emerge. Just one decade ago, there were not too many high viewpoints available in Ho Chi Minh City, but since then a […]

Cholon Temples, Ho Chi Minh City

The temples and pagodas of Ho Chi Minh city provide an oasis of calm and tradition in a sprawling metropolis with mostly nondescript architecture. In general, they are be quite dispersed, and best explored by motorbike-taxi. The exception is in Cholon, the Chinese district of the city. There, more than a dozen temples can found […]

Monsoon traffic, Ho Chi Minh City

My previous trips to Vietnam have been during the dry winter season. Although the bulk of the monsoon season is in summer, during my last stay in November, there were a few days when in the late afternoon the sky would all of the sudden become ominously dark. This was a sure sign it was […]

My internet-based photography business

In a previous post, I’ve listed what I consider to be the top ten proven ways to make money from photography. As those who know me may have guessed, I did not use any of those avenues during my first ten years in business. Instead, my photography income is almost entirely based on the sales […]