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Outdoor Photographer Magazine 1985-2023

Summary: My relationship with Outdoor Photography Magazine first as a reader, then a contributor, spanned the entirety of my career in nature photography. As it publishes its final issue which features a 32-page article with my words and photographs, I reflect on the history of the magazine and what happened. It is rare for a […]

The sharing size for photos on the internet

In what is shaping up as a series of posts about image internet sharing practices, I’ve explained why and how to watermark. In this piece, I will explain why I have chosen to share images at a modest resolution. There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing an image size for displaying […]

How to create a useful watermark

Maybe my previous post in which I explain why I use watermarks has confirmed or convinced you of their relevance for you ? In this post, I’ll look at the components of my own watermarks, and their function. My watermark has four elements: A valid copyright notice It used to be that to receive copyright […]

Why I use Watermarks

Watermarks are often the subject of passionate debates amongst photographers. In this write-up, I am explaining my preferences, from the point of view of a modest photographer who derives almost the totality of his income from licensing and selling of images, in the hopes that it would be useful to those who try to go […]

SEO thoughts from a top-ranked photographer

As explained in the previous post on my internet-based photography business, the goal which drove the design of the terragalleria.com site was to license images and sell prints of photographs already created during personal projects, directly from that website. This has been my sole path to a full-time photography career which supports me and my […]

My internet-based photography business

In a previous post, I’ve listed what I consider to be the top ten proven ways to make money from photography. As those who know me may have guessed, I did not use any of those avenues during my first ten years in business. Instead, my photography income is almost entirely based on the sales […]

Top ten ways to make money in photography

Creating beautiful and meaningful photographs is hard enough, but making a living of them is even harder. For most who manage to do it, there is not a single source of income, but rather a wide variety of income streams that hopefully accumulate to form a large river. Here are what I think are the […]

Ten proven ways to promote your photography

It is often said that a photographer with great work but no promotional plan will make less money than a photographer with average work and great promotion. So if you are trying to make a living in photography, promotion should be a priority. Here are ten ideas to promote your photography which have worked well […]

From Amateur to Full-time Photographer

I noted in the previous post of this series that prior to 2001, I had no needs nor plans to make money from photographs. Ten years later, I am making a living, sustaining myself and my family off my art. As hinted to in that previous post, the “family” part has some significance. It isn’t […]

Ten Years Ago – terragalleria.com

Ten years ago, in April 2001, I launched terragalleria.com. It wasn’t until 2002 that I became serious about turning the website into a business. Although I had high hopes then, little did I know that it would take me to where I am now. In this post, I’ll reflect on where I was ten years […]