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Year 2013 in review and parks night favorites

In 2013 I took a break from yearly trips to Asia, which allowed me to refocus my efforts on the National Parks project. Although it has been a decade since I photographed each of the 58 US National Parks, I have been revisiting lots of them – 17 this year alone. My goals are to […]

360 Panoramas

This year, I’ve been experimenting with a new technique: 360×180 panoramas. Such an image captures the entire visual sphere, panning over 360 degrees and tilting 180 degrees from straight down to straight up vertically. Flattened with a spherical projection, as in the two images of Arches National Park which illustrate this post, it looks strange, […]

Best Photobooks 2013: the Meta-List

I am compiling again a meta-list of best photobooks for the year, using the same methodology as for the Best Photobooks 2012 Meta-List. The meta-list was seeded with the Aperture/Paris Photo PhotoBook AwardsShortlist – curiously, AOI [COD.19.I.I.43] – AZ7 [S/COD.23](2013) by Rossangela Renno, who won that award (as well as Arles) was the last of […]

Sunrise at Petes Mesa, Canyonlands National Park

It is rare to find yourself at a location with a spectacular view in all directions, and even rarer when that location has been photographed only by a few. This post shows a variety in space and time of images made at sunrise from a single viewpoint at Petes Mesa in the Maze District of […]