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Outdoor Photographer Magazine profiles QT Luong

The opening feature in the March 2013 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine is an article about my nature landscape work. Read the web version. I am honored to be called a “modern master” and “artist” by such a prestigious magazine, and to have been interviewed by a writer as perceptive as William Sawalich, who distilled […]

Myanmar Photo Tour 2014 with QT Luong

Rudyard Kipling described Burma (now Myanmar) as “unlike any land you know about.” Having visited all the countries in continental South-East Asia, some several times, I have indeed found Myanmar to be the most fascinating of them. The sites by themselves would be compelling enough. They have a magical quality which defies the imagination and […]

Best Photobooks 2012: the meta-list

I like to look at photographs, in genres very different from my own, particularly in book form. I may write some about this obsession later, but for now let me just mention that in some years, I have spent more on photobooks than on photography gear. I also like best-of lists for many things. Despite […]