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Pisgah: how to photograph a cave with a single light

Caves open for tours geared towards the general public, such as those found in national parks, generally have paved paths and beautifully installed lights. What sometimes makes them difficult to photograph are restrictions like the prohibition of tripods. Outside of those caves, there is a whole world of undeveloped caves that offer a wild and […]

Lehman Cave, Then and Now

Twenty years ago, I photographed Lehman Cave on a private tour. Last month, I participated in a regular tour. A comparison of photos from both occasions shows how much camera technology has changed for the better. Accessed by way of Hwy 50, “the loneliest road in America” in the middle of the American West (some […]

Back to Carlsbad Caverns,

During my two previous visits to Carslbad Caverns, more than a decade ago, I took the elevator to get quickly to the most scenic section of the Cavern, the Big Room. This time, I walked down from the Natural Entrance. I tried to make images to illustrate the experience of visiting the cave: the cavernous […]

Photo Spot 40: Wind Cave National Park – Boxwork

Wind Cave National Park, one of the three National Parks (together with Mammoth Cave and Carlsbad Caverns) centered around a cave, was the first cave anywhere in the world to be designated a national park. Although its 134 miles of mapped galleries make it the fourth longest cave in the world, I had heard of […]

Photo Spot 33: Mammoth Cave National Park – Frozen Niagara

Over 300 miles of caves have been mapped in Mammoth Cave National Park, making it the largest known cave system in the world. Depending on the season, the National Park Service offers up to a dozen different tours into the caves. Although some of the tours can last up to 6 hours, most of the […]

Photo Spot 26: Carlsbad Caverns National Park – Big Room

In Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the same 250-million year old limestone reef that forms the Guadalupe Mountains has been dissolved into caves. The gypsum that forms the rare sand dunes – last week’s photo spot – is one of the by-products of the dissolution of limestone by sulfuric acid. Most of the caves are formed […]

New images: Sequoia National Park

I have posted new images of Sequoia National Park. Last summer, I visited the last easily accessible site in the park that had eluded me, Crystal Cave, one of only five caves open to visitors in the National Parks (the others are Mammoth Cave, Carlsbad Caverns, Wind Cave, and Lehman Cave in Great Basin). I […]