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Amazon Cloud Drive for Photos: Review and Alternatives

Amazon recently made a splash in the cloud storage space by offering a plan that looks irresistible for photographers: unlimited photo storage including RAW files support for just $1 a month. In this post, I evaluate the service, expose its shortcomings, investigate possible workarounds, and suggest alternative ways to backup your photos. Backups are not […]


Frequent visitors to terragalleria.com may have noticed unusual, repeated periods of downtime over the past month, as well as a gap in updates. The quick explanation is that the server hosting the site was hacked. Sure, this has happened several times in the past, but each time I had been able to figure out which […]

Mac system re-install and software list

They say “it just works”. However, over the last month, my Apple computer just crashed. The symptom is a “kernel panic”, with a message over the frozen screen advising to hold the power button. This first happened a few times a week, and then worsened to several times a day. After two other support people, […]