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Earth Day


Everyday should be Earth Day. We should remember year round that our planet and its resources are finite. Yet the occasion is a great catalyst for change, bringing 190 countries together, connecting because of a common concern instead of our differences. Let be sure to learn something new today, and apply it to our everyday life.

Brown most of year, dotted with poles and fences, the hills looming over Gorman Post Road, a country lane parallel to interstate 5, explode in color when spring conditions are right at about this time of the year. As a reminder not to take anything for granted, the area is slated for development.


  1. Joe says:

    Living is a balance of consumption and preservation. Earth Day, and anything that comes from your camera, are great reminders to tilt that balance towards nature as much as we can reasonably afford to.

  2. Russ Bishop says:

    Great point QT – we should think of everyday as Earth Day! And I certainly hope that beautiful spot near Gorman stays just the way it is.

  3. Chris says:

    Tuan – I really like the placement of the hilltop in this photo. Besides being a beautiful composition it’s also a great subject for Earth Day because it’s a reminder that the seasonal natural wonders can be just as important to preserve as say geological oddities, spectacular coastlines etc. In fact these wildflower fields are a quintessential California landscape that have been devastated by intensive agriculture and suburban development. They really should be a higher priority for preservation. There are some groups out there that are working towards this (like the California Native Plant Society) that could use more support. Chris

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