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Treasured Lands Book Introduction

This is the full text of the introduction to my upcoming book In February 1993, I visited Yosemite for the first time. It was love at first sight. That visit marks the start of my 20-year affair with the National Parks. Growing up in France, mountaineering had provided me with my only experiences of wilderness. […]

Warrior 2015 National Parks Calendar

I don’t publish calendars myself. A bit too tough of a business for me – kudos to photographers who dare to do so. However, I regularly license images to calendar publishers, so if you are so inclined to purchase a calendar with my images, you were able to do so for the previous years. 2015 […]

History Channel 2014 calendar + National Parks ranked

For their official 2014 Calendar, the History Channel Club has chosen 12 of my National Parks images, including 12 parks not featured in their 2012 calendar: Wrangell St Elias, Arches, Biscayne, Grand Teton, Big Bend, Saguaro, Olympic, Death Valley, Shenandoah, Isle Royale, Redwood, and Haleakala. Speaking of National Parks selections, The Active Times recently embarked […]

Outdoor Photographer Magazine profiles QT Luong

The opening feature in the March 2013 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine is an article about my nature landscape work. Read the web version. I am honored to be called a “modern master” and “artist” by such a prestigious magazine, and to have been interviewed by a writer as perceptive as William Sawalich, who distilled […]

QT Luong featured in Black Card Mag

Summer 2012 issue of Black Card Mag (the luxury lifestyle magazine for holders of the exclusive credit cards for the 1%) opened with a 24-page travel feature about the US National Parks. Yellowstone, Olympic, Arches, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Crater Lake, Denali, Glacier, and Everglades are introduced with a brief description, not-to-miss highlight, and […]

National Parks Week and publications

While Earth Day has been internationally celebrated for more than forty years, National Parks Week is a relatively recent initiative from the US National Park Service. It has been argued that the National Parks are “America’s best idea” – recently in the Ken Burns film with that title. That idea first came to fruition with […]

History Channel calendar 2012 with QT Luong images

For their official 2012 Calendar, the History Channel Club has chosen 12 of my National Parks images from Yellowstone, Glacier Bay, Acadia, Rocky Mountain, Theodore Roosevelt, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Voyageurs, Smoky Mountains, Cuyahoga Valley, and Yosemite. The production is not as impressive as the Helma calendars, but it is still a nice 11×14 […]

Spectacular Yosemite book published by Universe

Since Yosemite is one of the most famous and photographed natural sites in the world, you’d think that there are plenty of Yosemite pictorial books. Surprisingly, this is not the case. As far as I know, there are less than a dozen of books which showcase photography and feature mainly Yosemite as their subject. Some […]

Fotopedia National Parks App for iPad and iPhone with QT Luong photos

Last summer, Fotopedia.com, the first collaborative photo encyclopedia, launched its first application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Fotopedia Heritage, a electronic photo book of World Heritage Sites. The application functions like an almost unlimited coffee-table book, showcasing images in an attractive format, with many smart features including tags, interactive maps, descriptions, favorites, and suggestions, […]

QT Luong photo on NPS home page for a year and half

I am honored to report that my Yosemite Winter Sunset photo has been displayed continuously on the home page of the National Park Service for a year and half. The first screen shot is from June 2009, the second screen shot from Oct 2010. You may be able to date them using the headlines.