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What I did on National Park Service Centennial Day

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Last week, on August 25, the day of the National Park Service Centennial, I posted the announcement for Treasured Lands on the blog in the morning. I then drove to Petaluma, where my publisher, Cameron Books, is located. The bulk of the shipment from the printer arrives by ship and is still somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. However, we received some books, called “advance copies”, sent by air. The number of books in that air shipment is small because it is very expensive to send a 7.4 lbs book. When I returned the initial hard copy proofs to the printer with my annotations, the cost of shipping was $340. The proofs were printed single-face, therefore twice as heavy, and the shipping was via Fedex 2-day, but you still get the idea. So the advance copies are mostly reserved for the press and reviewers. Here is a picture that Chris Gruener took in the Cameron Books office.

(If you don’t see the picture, click here to view on Instagram)

After celebrating the arrival of the advance copies with a lunch of Vietnamese food, we loaded some cartons in my car. Upon returning home, I tried to do something fun and memorable with some of the advance copies. I remembered I had a stash of USPS National Parks stamp panels:

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