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Topaz Labs Sharpen AI: Deep Learning Comes to the Rescue

How many times have you left a scene convinced that you got the photo “in the box”, only to find out upon looking at the file at 100% on the computer that it was unacceptably blurry? Some photographers advocate making generous use of the digital trash can when images are technically flawed. However, when images […]

Drone Photography with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Lessons learned with the Phantom 2 I’ll start with a bit of background that will help make clear what is remarkable with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and also give prospective users a hard-learned tip. Drone videos have captured the attention of audiences, but although video is the most natural application of drones, they also […]

Experiments in Image Memorability Computation

Last week, after seeing the following headline: article reporting on new technology that may automate “choosing the best photos”, my curiosity was picked. As a quick test, I ran the algorithm on a set of 8 photographs made at Yosemite’s Tunnel View, with those resulting scores: Although all the scores were relatively low (more on […]

What is the Light field camera from Lytro good for ?

For a reaction to the October presentation of the actual camera please scroll down. Last week’s news has been the announcement by Lytro of the upcoming launch (later this year) of the first light field camera. I normally don’t write about new technological developments, but this one has the potential to alter photography as we […]