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Photo Spot 19: Crater Lake National Park – The Watchman

Crater Lake is always stunning at first sight. No other lake combines such a nearly perfect large circular shape, deep blue color, and uniformly sheer surrounding cliffs almost two thousand feet high. However, past the first impression, many of the viewpoints around the lake lack either an unobstructed view, or interesting features. For this reason, […]

New images: Crater Lake National Park

I’ve posted a few new images of Crater Lake National Park from last summer. I got up twice at 4am for the sunrise, but it didn’t work as planned. I went to an unmarked spot about 2.1 miles west from the Rim drive/Rim village junction. If you are not afraid of heights, from a large […]

New images: a few locations in Oregon

I’ve posted new images of the following locations in Oregon: Central Oregon Cascades, Southern Oregon Cascades, and Smith Rock State Park, as well as a few from the coast, which are mixed with older images. Oregon is a state with a great diversity of terrain. Owing to its drizzly weather in winter, it is reputed […]