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photo spot 27: Shenandoah National Park – Rose River Falls

Shenandoah National Park stretches along the crest of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains for 105 miles. Only one mile wide at places, at at most thirty miles wide, for many visitors, the Park is the Skyline Drive. The winding road offers uncountable numbers of scenic overlooks on both sides. However the topography is gentle rather than […]

Photo Spot 18 : Sequoia National Park – Giant Forest

Sequoia National park is named after the trees it protects, the giant sequoias, the largest trees on earth. The heart of Sequoia National Park is the Giant Forest, an area of just 3 square miles that include dozens of sequoia groves, amongst them General Sherman tree, the most massive living thing on earth. While there […]

Photo Spot 16: Olympic National Park – Quinault Rainforest

Protecting most of the Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park comprises three regions: the Olympic Mountains, Pacific coastline, and temperate rain forest. Located in an area notorious for its wet weather, situated near the coast, and near high mountains, the western forests of Olympic National Park receive receive annual precipitation of about 150 inches, making them […]

Photo spot 17: Redwood National Park – Damnation Creek Trail

Redwood National Park protects a forty mile long stretch of foggy California coastline, home to the earth’s tallest plants, the giant redwood trees. The national park is made up a patchwork of state parks. Situated in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, the Damnation Creek Trail is unique in that it lets you experience both […]