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This blog started in August 2009. During the first 10 years, I published 485 articles, close to one article per week on average. Much changed during that time. Social media had no “algorithmic” timelines, nor “like” buttons. 500px, Instagram and Google+ did not exist yet. The blog outlasted the later. Could it be that blogging is still relevant?

Thank you for reading and putting up with me. At the start, I didn’t know much about the basics of blogging. For instance, in the beginning, I seldom replied to comments. But as the years went by, I’ve tried to become more responsive and write posts that would create some value and be more useful. To help me on this path, I’d be grateful if you would take a few minutes and answer a quick, anonymous, reader survey. If you do not see the questions below, click here to access the survey.

P.S.: The image illustrating this short post represents “the reader”. If you have Treasured Lands, you can notice that the last image in the opening section before the national parks, is a “selfie”, it represents me about to embark on the journey. The book is an invitation to explore, so after going through it, now it is the reader’s turn to go on the journey, and he is represented in that image, the last one of the book. By the way, my friend Tom who was the subject is a seasoned mountaineer, and I generally do not recommend standing close to the edge.


  1. QT Luong says:

    Thank you for responses so far. I will provide a summary in about a month. I saw the following comment: “Off topic…but I wish you had an e-version of “Treasured Lands” available…have been simply taking photos of relevant pages.”

    It was part of my vision from the start to make the notes in “Treasured Lands” available electronically. The availability for a nominal fee is mentioned in three places: on p 13 (after the introduction), the last page, and the back flap of the dust jacket, but I assume I will need to make those mentions more visible!

  2. William says:

    Thank you for all your information and beautiful images

  3. Thank You for your excellent blog!
    I have been doing photography since mid 60’s and it always adds to my outdoor experiences.
    One of my favorite books by Ansel is his “Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs” . . . maybe that is why I always look forward to your blog.
    Thank You for your “Treasured Lands” in electronic format so I can get inspired when back at the camper at the end of a long day out shooting.

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