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Monsoon traffic, Ho Chi Minh City

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My previous trips to Vietnam have been during the dry winter season. Although the bulk of the monsoon season is in summer, during my last stay in November, there were a few days when in the late afternoon the sky would all of the sudden become ominously dark. This was a sure sign it was going to rain soon. An when it rains, it pours ! In the more upscale central District 1, the streets drain out fast, but in this slightly peripheral area of the city, they remained flooded for some while in the evening. When I was making those images, away from the main tourist areas, everybody around assumed I was a photojournalist and that images would be used to urge to municipality to fix the local drains faster, but I was in fact just capturing a slice of life.

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  1. What colorful, culturally interesting and beautiful imagery. Quite a visual treat.

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