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New images: Yosemite National Park

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I have posted new images of Yosemite National Park from November 2009.

Although I have engaged in a range of activities in the park, this was the first time I came wearing formal attire. Lanchi was there too, wading the slushy snow in an elegant dress. The occasion was an invitation by Dayton Duncan to attend the Bracebridge Dinner, a wonderful five-hour long Christmas dinner at the Ahwanhee Hotel, enlivened by beautiful music and a large cast of performers in renaissance costumes.

I was told several times that no pictures could be taken at the event, however the next day I found a few new nature images in the park. In El Capitan meadow (a spot that I designated as my favorite in Yosemite National Park), the fog made it possible to create evocative images that emphasized the starkness of the trees in ways that I hadn’t seen before, despite my repeated visits to the location.

The last image of Lower Yosemite Falls may look like just another waterfall image, but if my calculations are right, that is the only time of the day (very early morning) and year that such an image can be made. The waterfall in a deep recess, and at other times of the year reached by the sun only at mid-day, by which time the angle would not produce a rainbow. During peak run-off times, the strength of the spray does not even approach that closely you (and your front lens element) getting soaked.

Returning fittingly to Yosemite, this installment concludes the series of updates to National Parks of the West that I have been posting this winter.

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