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New images: Death Valley National Park

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Over the course of the next month and half, I will continue posting new images of Western National Parks. Those are of course already well covered on this site, so each update will be rather small, covering either areas for which I had not published images before, or picturing areas with existing images in new light.

Today’s update is Death Valley National Park, with images taken during a family visit during which we drove down Titus Canyon, stopped at Scotty’s Castle, and then made it to the Racetrack.

Contrary to some reports of a rough road, we had no difficulty with our Toyoto Sienna minivan, taking only about one hour and fifteen minutes from Ubehebe Crater to the Racetrack. The vibrations from the washboard are worse if you drive slowly. I had been to the place four times before, but this was the first family visit to the Racetrack, where the infant strollers proved very convenient ! It was great getting others to see for themselves this unique phenomenon. With more people to spread out and explore, we found more complex networks of moving stone tracks than I had seen before. Since the family did not want to drive back by dark, the light of the Racetrack was not the best, but on the other hand, I was able to photograph Ubehebe Crater at dusk, which as often is the case with volcanic landscapes, turned out more interesting than the daytime images.

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