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New images: Bryce Canyon National Park

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I’ve posted new images of Bryce Canyon National Park. That park presents the photographer with a dream and a challenge. It offers one of the most striking sights anywhere, the hoodoos of the Bryce Amphitheater, but once you’ve photographed them, what else new can you do ?

On my last visit, in 2008 (my 4th) I tried three ideas: (a) working with a particular reflected light that I had noticed, but not captured on previous trips (b) hiking more extensively below the rim (c) exploring more locations outside of the Amphitheater.

The most interesting was the area around Mossy Cave, which had many natural openings. My previous visit to the cave itself was in November, when the ice stalactites were quite thin (and more photogenic). In this late March visit, I was surprised to find them quite thick. After that first visit, since I had exited the main park road, I assumed that I was no longer in the park, so I labeled Mossy Cave incorrectly for years, before eventually realizing that it is part of Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s well worth checking out to see something different and out of the mainstream sites.

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