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New images: Berkeley CA

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I’ve posted new images of Berkeley, CA. Berkeley was the first place where I lived in the US, from 1993 to 1995. Since then, I have traveled widely in the country. I’ve seen many places that are closer to great wilderness areas than the 3-4 hour drive to the Sierras. However, if we were talking only about the cities themselves, I have still yet to see another place I’d prefer to Berkeley.

So this may come as a surprise, but prior to this new release, there was only a dozen of images of Berkeley on the website. Part of the reason is that my standards have raised in the intervening years. What I though was a good image did no longer satisfy me, if only for small details (for instance images of buildings taken without perspective correction).

But I think the main factor is that I’ve tended to overlook the place I live as a place to photograph, a pattern I’ve unfortunately repeated (and seen repeated by others) many times. We often do not see the place where we live as a destination to explore. Sometimes, out of town visitors with guidebooks may help us discover a thing or two. If we do not pay attention, it’s only when we become far away that we are interested, yet proximity and familiarity should help us do our best work.

How much have you explored or photographed the place where you live ?

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