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New images: Acadia National Park in the rain

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I have posted new images of Acadia National Park. As always, new images are mixed with old images. Use the button “List most recent images” on the home page to see which images are new.

It had been a decade since my previous visit of Acadia in Oct 1997. Although that 1997 visit was short, lasting three days, I felt satisfied by it, and since then Acadia had ranked high in my list of favorites, for the variety of scenery it packs in such a small area. This, and the distance (furthest from the San Francisco Bay area), explain why Acadia was the only National Park in the continental US that I hadn’t visited at least twice.

In general, I try to return at different seasons, but this time I happened to be in Maine, working on the Maine Woods in September, so I was back again in Acadia during the fall season. The weather made this visit different. The interesting thing with landscape photography is that with changes in light, seasons, and weather, you are never seeing the same scene twice. Some would not have been pleased that it rained most of the time during their two-day visit, but I welcomed the change. The rain made the pebbles on a beach glisten. Leaves look more saturated with colors. The fog created mood in landscape images of Jordan Pond. I could hear tourists stepping out of their car on Cadillac Mountain expressing their disappointment over the limited visibility. I would have been disappointed myself if this had been my first visit. Although trying to keep the lens dry was a challenge, since I had already seen the expensive views, I was excited to photograph in different conditions, and try to make the most of what nature had handed me.


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