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Photo Spot 36: Biscayne National Park – Elliott Key inner shoreline

Last week, we waded in the water in a Everglades cypress dome. We will continue walking in the water this week, although in a different environment. The Florida Keys form a chain of barrier islands beginning offshore of Miami, and extending for more than 130 miles to Key West. While almost the entire chain of […]

New images and trip report: Acadia National Park – Isle au Haut

I’ve posted new images of the Isle au Haut section of Acadia National Park. How can you photograph a truly remote place with a feeling of wilderness, in Acadia National Park, one of the 10 most visited National Parks ? Visit Isle au Haut ! During my entire visit to Isle au Haut, I did […]

New images: Acadia National Park – Schoodic Peninsula

I’ve posted new images of the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park. Acadia National Park is made of three units. In my two previous stays in the park, I had visited only the largest and most well-known unit, on Mount Desert Island, which most equate with Acadia National Park. In March 2010, taking advantage […]

New Images: Coastal Maine villages

I have posted new images of Coastal Maine. Unlike in the western coast of the US, where much of the coastline is public land, almost every parcel of the 3500 mile-long coastline there is privately owned. The slogan that appears on Maine license plates is “Vacationland”. However, with a bit of exploring, it is still […]

New images: Cape Cod

I’ve posted new images of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cape Cod, being home to some of the most popular beaches in America, is quite crowded during the summer, when for instance the population of Provincetown swells from 3,000 to 60,000. However, during my March visit, the huge beach parking lots were mostly empty. I found the […]

New images: more from Santa Cruz Island

Thank you for those who voted on yesterday’s polls about the Potato Harbor sunsets. I am with the majority opinion. I prefer the third image because it looks more natural, as the contrast was down to reasonable levels, while the two other images have a “HDR” look. Of those two, I prefer the first one […]

New images: three Santa Cruz Island sunsets (polls)

Here are three sunset images from my recent trip to Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the five islands that make up Channel Islands National Park. They were taken at Potato Harbor Overlook, which is reached through a 5-mile RT hike that is the most rewarding in the Scorpion Ranch area. The fjord-like Potato Harbor […]

Photo spot 17: Redwood National Park – Damnation Creek Trail

Redwood National Park protects a forty mile long stretch of foggy California coastline, home to the earth’s tallest plants, the giant redwood trees. The national park is made up a patchwork of state parks. Situated in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, the Damnation Creek Trail is unique in that it lets you experience both […]

Mavericks surf contest

I’ve posted images of the Mavericks surf contest which took place this Saturday near Half Moon Bay. This was the first time I attended the event. I’ll give an account of it from a photographer’s perspective. At Mavericks, an unusually-shaped underwater rock formation can cause waves to top out at over 50 feet (15m) after […]

New images: Channel Islands underwater

I’ve posted new underwater images of kelp taken a month ago during a day of diving in the Channel Islands They were all taken with a Sea & Sea 15mm lens on a Nikonos V using Fuji film. This might sound awfully wide to those not familiar with underwater photography, so here are some explanations. […]