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Jackson, WY

This was taken across the street from the Anvil Motel. As Mike Cavaroc told me, their “Internet special” discount makes it the least expensive lodging in town. I spent my days in Grand Teton National Park, so I photographed Jackson at night. Turned out that everything in town looked better at night, even the iconic […]

Are nature landscape photographs superficial idealizations ?

As many of my readers know, the exhibit Treasured Lands, currently at the National Heritage Museum, consists of natural, awe-inspiring National Parks landscapes big and small, mostly untouched by man. I have began to post those images to my new Facebook page, in the same sequence, and with the same comments as in the exhibit. […]

From Amateur to Full-time Photographer

I noted in the previous post of this series that prior to 2001, I had no needs nor plans to make money from photographs. Ten years later, I am making a living, sustaining myself and my family off my art. As hinted to in that previous post, the “family” part has some significance. It isn’t […]

Grand Teton National Park in winter

Jackson Hole airport provides a convenient access to Grand Teton National Park. One would be hard pressed to find a closer an airport closer to a National Park, since for some reason Jackson Hole airport is within the boundaries of the park ! Without yet a replacement for my totaled trusty Subaru, I chose to […]