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10 who did the 59

While quite a few people have visited all the 59 national parks, fewer have done so with the main goal of sharing their adventures with others. This post features ten fellows I’ve become aware of, highlighting what makes each of the projects unique. I am naturally intrigued by national park travel projects in which photography […]

Amazon Cloud Drive for Photos: Review and Alternatives

Amazon recently made a splash in the cloud storage space by offering a plan that looks irresistible for photographers: unlimited photo storage including RAW files support for just $1 a month. In this post, I evaluate the service, expose its shortcomings, investigate possible workarounds, and suggest alternative ways to backup your photos. Backups are not […]

National Parks Week and publications

While Earth Day has been internationally celebrated for more than forty years, National Parks Week is a relatively recent initiative from the US National Park Service. It has been argued that the National Parks are “America’s best idea” – recently in the Ken Burns film with that title. That idea first came to fruition with […]

Rangefinder Magazine profiles QT Luong

Rangefinder Magazine has an article about my National Parks project in their June 2010 issue. Here is a link to the PDF. If you weren’t aware of Rangefinder magazine (which is not widely distributed in stores), take a look: calling themselves “The magazine for professional photographers”, they deliver on this promise. You won’t find the […]

Canon Professional Services membership

CPS is a great service that used to be under the radar for many Canon photographers, because it is not widely advertised, and membership requirements were strict. CPS offers expedited and discounted repairs, as well as free equipment loans. I’ve read of people waiting weeks for their cameras to be repaired. On four occasions, I […]

Free Maps of National Parks (and of the rest of the country too)

I just saw National Parks maps in PDF format for sale here. A quick glance at the sample Acadia National Park map was enough to determine that those are in fact the excellent maps produced and distributed by the National Park Service. You may not be aware of that, but everything produced by the US […]

National Parks Travelers

If you’ve followed the PBS link at the end of my post about the Ken Burns National Parks film, you’ve seen that collecting the National Parks stamps that can be obtained at visitor centers has been a popular hobby. More than a million of the “Passport” books designed to collect the stamps have been sold. […]