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New Series: “The Ground”


In the post Year 2013 in Review and Parks Nights Favorites, I mentioned that although I release images in large blocks based on geography, I’ve been working on a number of photographic series. That post introduced the series “The Night”, where recent advances in digital photography help to capture the stars in the prominent sky.

In this post, I am presenting some images of the series “The Ground”, where we look under our feet for an often overlooked view. To make the perspective look even less familiar, I have actually removed all perspective by pointing the camera straight down.

Eliot Porter wrote “Sometimes you can tell a large story with a tiny subject”. Those images, covering just a few square feet, have been framed to be representative of entire ecosystems. They often include features unique to each place. In my National Parks project, I am interested in the individual character of each place; how each one represents a set of unique ecosystems, yet collectively, all are interrelated and interconnected like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

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  1. Edie Howe says:


    This is lovely. Sometimes it’s good to simply look down at the microcosm beneath our own feet. Thank you!

    All the best,

  2. Paul Beiser says:

    Hello Tuan,
    Very nice! Love this set of images, really fun looking at them and wondering what Park you were in. Compositions are all great!

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