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New images: Zion National Park

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I’ve posted new images of Zion National Park from 2008. I was with my family, and the conditions were not particularly favorable, with no atmospheric drama, the vegetation still bare (this was late March), but the snow long gone. Yet I found a few new images on that trip.

Hiking the Riverside walk (no Narrows this time), I noticed for the first time the “Desert Swamp”. I guess on my previous trip, on the way to the Narrows, I was too much in a hurry, while on the way out, it was just dark.

Lacking landmarks besides the Checkboard Mesa, as well as designated trails, the Zion Plateau offers many possibilities to make your own discoveries by scrambling cross-country. We found a small wash where the walls have been sculptured by water like some of the better known slot canyons.

The lone pine on a swirl is a subject well-known to photographers, one that I had photographed in the past on two occassions. On this visit, a half moon invited me to try a new angle, which I found emphasized the bonsai-like quality of the tree.

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