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New images: White Mountains of New Hampshire

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I’ve posted new images of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

After last winter’s installments on the Western National Parks, this is the first of several installments about the North East (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New York) that will be posted through the spring.

A highlight of the 2009 trip through New Hampshire was the Flume, a narrow granite gorge with 90 feet walls. Since this is a popular attraction, at the height of the fall foliage season, I was concerned that it would be difficult to work with a tripod on the boardwalk. I showed up right at the opening time. It turned out that the day I visited, it rained all the time.

A weatherized camera such as my Canon 1Ds mk3 is relatively trouble-free in wet weather. The challenge in photographing in the rain is to keep your lens front element dry, esp. if you are changing lenses a lot, as I do. A single drop of water will show as a smear in a portion of the image. Although this was a bit of a chore to operate, I was able to work in the pouring rain using a clamp to attach a large unbrella to my tripod. After spending most of the day in the rain, I was quite soaked myself, but It was well worth it. Not only the rain kept the crowds down, but it enhanced the colors of the vegetation, and provided a nice, even light.

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