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Photo Spot 23: Petrified Forest National Park – Blue Mesa

At the edge of the Painted Desert, erosion is washing away soft badlands to expose fossilized remnants of ancients forests. Petrified Forest National Park is the place to see a large concentration of perfectly preserved trunks, turned cell-by-cell to colorful stone. What makes the park unique is that eroded badlands with a variety of textures […]

Photo Spot 21: Bryce Canyon National Park – Sunset Point

The densely packed, brightly colored hoodoos in Bryce Amphitheaters are so stunning that missing to make a striking image from any of the overlooks is difficult. However, if asked about my favorite overlook along the amphitheater, I would easily pick Sunset Point. Despite it’s name, Sunset Point is excellent through the day. Unlike other viewpoints, […]

New images: Zion National Park

I’ve posted new images of Zion National Park from 2008. I was with my family, and the conditions were not particularly favorable, with no atmospheric drama, the vegetation still bare (this was late March), but the snow long gone. Yet I found a few new images on that trip. Hiking the Riverside walk (no Narrows […]

New images: Bryce Canyon National Park

I’ve posted new images of Bryce Canyon National Park. That park presents the photographer with a dream and a challenge. It offers one of the most striking sights anywhere, the hoodoos of the Bryce Amphitheater, but once you’ve photographed them, what else new can you do ? On my last visit, in 2008 (my 4th) […]

New images: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (South Rim)

I’ve posted new images of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, taken during a trip in May 2009. When I first visited Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, I limited my explorations to the North Rim. Although the relatively recent park doesn’t see many visitors, the North Rim is even more uncrowded, and […]

Photo spot 10 : Zion National Park – The Narrows

Zion National Park has sometimes been called a “Yosemite in color”. The comparison is apt, since both share a great variety of beauty, both in large scenery and intimate details. Like Yosemite, Zion features at its heart a narrow valley with a beautiful river and vegetation, flanked by sheer cliffs and rock towers. However, unlike […]

Photo spot 9: Grand Canyon National Park – Toroweap

The Grand Canyon defines immensity. It is so vast that the Colorado River, which has carved it, is a distant sight from most overlooks. The only place in Grand Canyon National Park where you can look straight down to the Colorado River from the rim is Toroweap. You will stand at the edge of a […]

Photo spot 6: Capitol Reef National Park – Strike Valley Overlook

Capitol Reef National Park offers more geological variety than any other park on the Colorado Plateau, which itself is possibly the most unique area in America for natural landscapes. You can find there multicolored cliffs and domes, slot canyons, arches, stone monoliths, and badlands. Most visitors stay on UT 24 and the scenic drive, both […]

Photo spot 5: Canyonlands National Park – Mesa Arch

Another week, another arch. Mesa Arch in Canyonlands is almost as iconic as Delicate Arch, but it couldn’t be more different. Mesa Arch is only about fifty feet wide and ten feet high, however it is remarkable for two reasons. First, because of its position, right at the edge of the mesa, next to a […]