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Photo Spot 42: Channel Islands National Park – Inspiration Point

The Channel Islands of California are situated off the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles coast. Five of those islands form Channel Islands National Park. Inspiration point, on East Anacapa Island, where I am standing, offers possibly the most spectacular view on the entire US West Coast. Earlier in the day, a misty marine layer (a […]

Yosemite Unseen III: The Diving Board

(More pictures of Lost Lake and the Diving Board) The Diving Board is the prominent rock in front of the face of Half-Dome. The location offers one of the most impressive views in Yosemite. On the West, you see the whole Valley, below you is a 30 feet overhang and a 1500 feet vertical face […]

Yosemite Unseen II: Fern Ledge

If you look carefully at the Upper Yosemite Falls wall, you will notice a tiny horizontal ledge protruding all the way to the waterfall, around 1/8 of its height. This is Fern Ledge. I had read about it before, but my curiosity was rekindled when I saw an episode of The National Parks, America’s Best […]

Yosemite unseen I: Ribbon Fall

I have been spending quite a bit of time in Yosemite, and posting quite a few images for a project I’ll talk about later. To celebrate its completion, for the rest of the summer, I will be describing a few Yosemite locations that I visited recently. Their common characteristic is that they are out of […]

A fun afternoon in San Francisco

On Saturday, I took a break from my work on Yosemite (more on it latter). I first headed to 49 Geary, a building near Union Square, where several floors are occupied by world class art galleries, giving you the opportunity to see a variety of art in a single location. The main draw of the […]

New images: more from Santa Cruz Island

Thank you for those who voted on yesterday’s polls about the Potato Harbor sunsets. I am with the majority opinion. I prefer the third image because it looks more natural, as the contrast was down to reasonable levels, while the two other images have a “HDR” look. Of those two, I prefer the first one […]

New images: three Santa Cruz Island sunsets (polls)

Here are three sunset images from my recent trip to Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the five islands that make up Channel Islands National Park. They were taken at Potato Harbor Overlook, which is reached through a 5-mile RT hike that is the most rewarding in the Scorpion Ranch area. The fjord-like Potato Harbor […]

New images: Berkeley CA

I’ve posted new images of Berkeley, CA. Berkeley was the first place where I lived in the US, from 1993 to 1995. Since then, I have traveled widely in the country. I’ve seen many places that are closer to great wilderness areas than the 3-4 hour drive to the Sierras. However, if we were talking […]

New images: Yosemite National Park

I have posted new images of Yosemite National Park from November 2009. Although I have engaged in a range of activities in the park, this was the first time I came wearing formal attire. Lanchi was there too, wading the slushy snow in an elegant dress. The occasion was an invitation by Dayton Duncan to […]

New images: Sequoia National Park

I have posted new images of Sequoia National Park. Last summer, I visited the last easily accessible site in the park that had eluded me, Crystal Cave, one of only five caves open to visitors in the National Parks (the others are Mammoth Cave, Carlsbad Caverns, Wind Cave, and Lehman Cave in Great Basin). I […]