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Rangefinder Magazine profiles QT Luong

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Rangefinder Magazine has an article about my National Parks project in their June 2010 issue. Here is a link to the PDF.

If you weren’t aware of Rangefinder magazine (which is not widely distributed in stores), take a look: calling themselves “The magazine for professional photographers”, they deliver on this promise. You won’t find the entry-level articles or emphasis on gear typical of many mainstream magazines. Instead, the emphasis of the magazine is often on profiles of photographers who discuss not only their vision, but also their working methods and business. Since the magazine is targeted towards professional photographers, many of them are wedding, event, or portrait shooters, but other specialties are represented as well, including nature and fine art. Best of all, if you are a professional (in a loosely defined way), you can apply online for a free magazine subscription delivered to your door. Just click on “subscribe” from the magazine home page to get started.

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  1. Russ Bishop says:

    Wonderful article and images QT! Congratulations.

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