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New images: Moosehead Lake, Maine


I’ve posted new images from Moosehead Lake in Maine, the second installment of images of the Maine North Woods (trip report).

Moosehead Lake, the largest in Maine, sits in a beautiful area of the Maine North Woods. The lake, bordered by low mountains and rolling hills, features an intricate lakeshore (280 miles long) and more than 80 islands. While Baxter State Park is preserved as a wilderness area, on the shore of Moosehead Lake there is a popular resort, Greenville. Yet so far the developement has been limited.

In 1998, the Plum Creek Timber company bought 900,000 acres of Maine woods, becoming the largest private landowner in the US. Those lands include over 60 miles of shoreline along Moosehead Lake. Although the company initially stated it was only interested in doing sustainable forestry, it is in fact a Real Estate Investment Trust. In 2004, Plum Creek announced its plans for the largest development in Maine history, along some of the most beautiful sections of Moosehead Lake. Those sprawling plans include a thousand house lots and two mega-resorts, a golf course, marina, and RV parks. For an update on the situation, check Natural Resources Council of Maine.


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    Are those wheels part of an airplane landing gear?They look familure?????

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