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New images: Crater Lake National Park


I’ve posted a few new images of Crater Lake National Park from last summer.

I got up twice at 4am for the sunrise, but it didn’t work as planned. I went to an unmarked spot about 2.1 miles west from the Rim drive/Rim village junction. If you are not afraid of heights, from a large pullout, scramble up the slope on the left and then down to a natural promontory atop a narrow pinnacle. You will be on an incredible position with a 180 degree view of the lake.

The first day, a bar of low clouds on the eastern horizon totally suppressed the color at sunrise. I came to that same point the next day, but as a low cloud closed in, reducing the visibility to nothing, I quickly moved further south. This allowed me to capture the sunrise, but due to the lower position, there isn’t a good separation between Wizard Island and the rim in the back.

The third image shows more clouds, this time on Mt Scott, the highest point in the park. I abandoned my plans to hike up that mountain.


  1. Jenise Silva says:

    I had almost forgotten how stunning Crater is, must be time for another visit. Beautiful images.

  2. Rolf Hicker says:

    Stunning images as always.
    Do I assume right they are on film? 8×10?

  3. QT Luong says:

    Those are digital. I made an image similar to the first one on 5×7 film but I have a few years of scanning backlog. Not enough set-up time for the second one, too long a focal length for the third.

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