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New Images: Coastal Maine villages

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I have posted new images of Coastal Maine.

Unlike in the western coast of the US, where much of the coastline is public land, almost every parcel of the 3500 mile-long coastline there is privately owned. The slogan that appears on Maine license plates is “Vacationland”.

However, with a bit of exploring, it is still possible to find places where the buildings and way of life have changed little over the years. Two such places are the lobstering villages of Stonington and Corea.

I saw only two places where one can stay in Stonington, both right on the harbor and facing each other. After completing my sunset shot, I found out that one of them, the Boyce Motel, was full (despite being a March week-day), while to contact the owner of the other one, the Inn on the Harbor, I had to walk down the street to use a payphone, since there was no cell signal. It was fortunate I had a few quarters, because all of the few businesses in the village were closed, which also meant that I would have to skip dinner, since I didn’t bring food with me, assuming wrongly that I’d find a open restaurant somewhere. Corea is even smaller. The lack of convenience was more than compensated for by the quietness and authentic character of the villages, a trade-off that I’d take every time.

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