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New images: a few locations in Oregon

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I’ve posted new images of the following locations in Oregon: Central Oregon Cascades, Southern Oregon Cascades, and Smith Rock State Park, as well as a few from the coast, which are mixed with older images.

Oregon is a state with a great diversity of terrain. Owing to its drizzly weather in winter, it is reputed for its lush vegetation and waterfalls, however the eastern part of the state is actually part of the Great Basin desert.

Those images were taken on a family trip. We particularly liked Smith Rock State Park, with its scenic cliffs, river, nice grounds, and quiet walk-in campground. Oregon has set up a specific fund for its state parks, that cannot be affected by budget crisis. As a result, we have found the Oregon state parks to offer some of the best and cleanest facilities of any parks. California should follow their example. In fact, there is a current campaign to do just that at http://www.yesforstateparks.com/

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