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Help Me Pick a New Book Title


Can you help me decide on the subtitle for my next book ?

I am finishing my long-overdue photography book about the National Parks, to be released this summer for the NPS Centennial: 456 pages, 450+ photographs, 120,000+ words, 60 maps, 12×10 inches, $65. The book has two unique features. It is comprehensive, with images from each corner of each US National Park in a beautiful design. It doubles as a photography guide (location notes, with a bit of my experiences and impressions). More details are at TreasuredLandsBook.com, where you can also enter a draw to win a free signed copy.

The working title is “Treasured Lands” because it is the name of my traveling exhibit, but it itself, it doesn’t say “National Parks”. I need a subtitle. With that in mind, I have created a survey with exactly one question: “Which subtitle would make you more likely to purchase my book”. To see the options and vote, click here if you don’t see options below.

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In addition, would you be interested in reading a chapter of the book ? This would be about a single national park (you let me know which one you are interested in), and I’d like to hear your ideas, rather than grammatical corrections. If so, email me.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Richard Wong says:

    Love the cover, QT. Beautiful. I would opt to leave out the 59 from the sub-title because as soon as there are 60 parks then the title will sound out-dated.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I actually like having the 59 in the subtitle. I do understand the point about the possibility of it becoming outdated, but also it’s an opportunity for a revision. Or even selling a stand alone chapter with the new park. IMHO if you say “All” and then a few years down the road a new Park is added, then it becomes misleading.

  3. Le Tho Giao says:

    I like the title as it is. It’s not long. Your explanations make the title meaningful with regards to the outstanding efforts you put into making those marvelous photographs available to the public. As a photographer, I envy your ventures and learn a lot from those awesome photos you took, large and small!

  4. Bob Johnston says:

    Agree with those using the 59 in the title, it is simple, too the point, and most of the others are too long for some to write about. They are more apt to mention the book in email etc. Means free publicity. They would be less likely to write the entire longer names. With tons of relatives, know Id only use the shorter title. (My grandfather had 21 children, and all had 6-13, most of his grandchildren like me had 5-6, though one has had 11.) Fortunately, we have a website where we can all keep in touch.

    Bob Johnston

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