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  Browse more than 36,000 images of landscapes, nature, national parks, ancient and modern cultures, by QT Luong (San Jose CA) - including black and white, large format and panoramic, available as fine art prints, for image licencing, and computer wallpaper.

Last site update March 28, 2015: Sand Grains
Blog comments on new images   Site timeline   Updates in past year: Pebble Beach, Monterey, Redwood NP, Northern California, Eastern California, Pinnacles NP, Central California, Olympic NP, Mount Rainier NP, North Cascades NP, Newport Beach, Oceanside, Everglades NP, Virgin Islands, Yosemite NP, Cozumel, Biscayne NP, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, Texas, Petrified Forest NP, Grand Canyon NP, Rafting the GC, Sequoia NP, Death Valley NP, Kyaiktiyo, Inle Lake, Pindaya, Mandalay, Mingun, ... more.

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Pictures organized by subjects:   Civilization   Nature   People and Activities

US National Parks

QT Luong has photographed in extraordinary detail each of the 59 US National Parks, resulting in this unique collection of more than 12,000 pictures.

North America

From sea to shining sea, the natural landscapes and cities of Canada, Mexico, and the USA including an extensive California gallery.

Asia and Israel

The people, traditional culture, and temples of Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.


Historic cities and small towns of Belgium , France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


A variety of tropical images from Australia and the islands of American Samoa and Hawaii.

Mountain Adventure

Alpinism in the Alps, Waterfall ice climbing, Big wall climbing in Yosemite, Expedition on Mt McKinley, Alaska's wilderness, High Sierra, Southwest Canyons.

Studio images

Studio techniques applied to close-up interpretations of nature subjects such as orchids and sand grains.

List of special subjects

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