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Singapore is a city-state located on a small (710 sq km) island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Thanks to its strategic location, discovered by the British in 1819, Singapore has become the world's busiest port, and one of the richest countries, consistenty in the top 5 by GDP per capita. Singapore's efficiency and cleanliness (all enforced by a strict array of rules and penalties) are legendary: there are no traffic jams despite Singapore being the second most densely populated country (after Monaco), no litter nor graffiti. Besides the reknown shopping and food, there is a medley of cultural influences to explore, and a surprising amount of greenery. In 2010, I concluded a trip down the Malay Peninsula by a 24 hour stay in Singapore.

Pictures of Central Business District
Central Business District (12 images) larger
Pictures of Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands (21 images) larger
Pictures of Bugis
Bugis (11 images) larger
Pictures of National Botanical Gardens
National Botanical Gardens (16 images) larger
Pictures of Faber and Sentosa
Faber and Sentosa (22 images) larger

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