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Thailand, unlike its neighbors, has been carefully lead by its kings to avoid colonization by western powers, and did not sustain significant wars in modern times. As a result, it is one of the most developped of the Southeast Asia countries. Travellers will find it easy to explore, thanks to the hospitality and modern transportation system. There is a lot to see, as the country is vast and diverse, dotted with many characteristic golden temples and archeological sites, and the traditional way of life has not disappeared, even in the large cities. This page portrays twelve different sites in the whole length of Thailand, visited during three trips in 1999 and 2000, and 2010.

Pictures of Bangkok
Bangkok (73 images) larger
Pictures of Muang Boran
Muang Boran (20 images) larger
Pictures of Damonoen Saduak
Damonoen Saduak (10 images) larger
Pictures of Nakkhon Pathom
Nakkhon Pathom (8 images) larger
Pictures of Ayuthaya
Ayuthaya (12 images) larger
Pictures of Lopburi
Lopburi (9 images) larger
Pictures of Sukothai
Sukothai (16 images) larger
Pictures of Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai (25 images) larger
Pictures of Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai (7 images) larger
Pictures of Railay
Railay (60 images) larger
Pictures of Phi-Phi Island
Phi-Phi Island (84 images) larger
Pictures of Anandan Sea
Anandan Sea (13 images) larger
Pictures of Misc Thailand locations
Misc Thailand locations (5 images) larger

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