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Happy Year of the Rabbit

As a multicultural family, we get to celebrate twice as many occasions ! Today is the lunar new year. We wish you and all your loved ones a year of the rabbit (cat for the Vietnamese !) full of happiness, health, prosperity, and success.

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a year 2011 full of happiness, health, and success. My sincere thanks for your continuing readership and interest in my photography.

Last evening in Vietnam

It’s been a month since I arrived in Vietnam. In the evening, I remark again, on the street where I am staying, a construction field of the size of exactly one townhouse width, between two standing houses. The ground is covered with rubble from a recently demolished building. This is a site that I have […]

One year already – what next ?

You may have noticed the new theme. This change was on the occasion of the first anniversary of this blog. In that first year, I’ve posted exactly 99 articles, the majority of which has been about specific locations, although I have written about a range of topics. To continue, I need your input. Please tell […]

A fun afternoon in San Francisco

On Saturday, I took a break from my work on Yosemite (more on it latter). I first headed to 49 Geary, a building near Union Square, where several floors are occupied by world class art galleries, giving you the opportunity to see a variety of art in a single location. The main draw of the […]

Mac system re-install and software list

They say “it just works”. However, over the last month, my Apple computer just crashed. The symptom is a “kernel panic”, with a message over the frozen screen advising to hold the power button. This first happened a few times a week, and then worsened to several times a day. After two other support people, […]

Contest: figure out the National Parks Photo Spots series and win a print

As regular readers know, I am posting a weekly series about the US National Parks: each week, I write about a different National Park. I pick a specific location in this park that I find particularly interesting, and with great photographic potential. Since there are currently 58 US National Parks, we have reached the mid-way […]

California State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act

There was a good scare, last summer, when California threatened to close 100 of its state parks because of budget cuts. 100 out of 278, many worthy of being in the National Park system. A closure list was even circulated, but fortunately, it did not go into effect. Instead, maintenance, administrative staff and some facilities’ […]

Open thread: student questions and answers

Dear students, Thank you for taking the time to write, and for your nice words about my images. Above all, I hope that the article got you interested enough that you will be inspired to go and see those places for yourself. Ask your parents to take you to a National Park ! If you […]

A day of diving in the Channel Islands

This past Saturday, I dived one of the most beautiful sites I had seen. Although I had done three trips to the California Channel Islands before, I had never gotten into the water there. Part of the reason was that, being used to diving in warm waters, my only diving experiences in California, near Monterey, […]