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The Yosemite Rock Page

A repository of stories, beta, and general information about rock-climbing in Yosemite, featuring an extensive collection of big-wall trip reports. Thanks to all who sent articles.


Misc information

Logistics: how to get there, where to stay, a climber's perspective.
Base Jumping: story about what happened in Yosemite 7/00 (rev)

Free climbs

Hints for first-time comers: comments on the style of climbing and a few recommendations.

General suggestions:

Specific climbs detailed:

Big walls

Big wall tips: technical advice, suggested starter routes, glossary. 9/00 (rev)

General stories

Beta, stories, photos on specific routes

El Cap, Lurking Fear:
El Cap, Horse Chute:
El Cap, Dihedral wall:
El Cap, Cosmos:
El Cap, Salathe wall:
El Cap, Sunkist:
El Cap, Jolly Roger
El Cap, Magic Mushroom:
El Cap, the Shield:
El Cap, Muir Wall:
El Cap, Triple Direct:
El Cap, the Nose:
El Cap, Disorderly Conduct
El Cap, Mescalito:
El Cap, Sea of Dreams:
El Cap, Pacific Ocean Wall:
El Cap, North America Wall:
El Cap, Tangerine Trip:
El Cap, Zenyatta Mondatta:
El Cap, Zodiac:
El Cap, Eagle's way: El Cap, East Ledges descent:

Washington column, South Central:
Washington column, Southern Man:
Washington column, South Face
Washington column, Skull Queen:
Washington column, the Prow:
Washington column, Ten Days After :

Mt Watkins, South Face:

Half Dome NW face, Regular Route:
Half Dome NW face, Direct:

Liberty Cap, SW Face Route:

Sentinel Rock, Chouinard-Herbert:

Leaning Tower, W face:
Leaning Tower, Wet Denim Daydream

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