Tuan's Mountaineering Page

This page is a compilation of mountaineering and climbing information and stories about a few favorite areas that I wrote, collected, and received.

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Q. Why do mountaineers use ropes ?
A1. To allow the sensible ones to get back home.
A2. To prevent the sensible ones to get back home.

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Background and Opinions
find more about me, my past and future climbs, and what I have to say on various topics.
Alps, Yosemite big walls, waterfall ice climbing, an expedition on Mount Mc Kinley.
Writing - Ecrits
amis francophones, j'ai écrit quelques récits - a couple of climbing stories.

Information repositories

The Mont-Blanc Range
climbing and mountaineering in the highest range of the Alps: general information on Chamonix, discussion of routes, climbing stories in French.
Cold Mountain
ice-climbing, glacial and winter mountaineering: technique (the Ice FAQ), images and stories, topos. Covers currently some ice-climbing areas, mostly in North America, and expeditions on Mt Mc Kinley, Alaska.
Yosemite Rock
photography and general information on the Park, rock climbing information: free and short climbs, big walls. Lots of trip reports and beta.

This page dates back from 1994, when there were only a few thousand web pages. It was for a few years "the" mountaineering site on the web. Climbing magazine wrote then: "Want to know if the North Face of les Droites is climbable in early August ? On Tuan's Mountaineering page, thanks to surfer input, you'll gain feedback from someone who's recently been there". However, as I maintained the page less and less often, the information became dated. I have recently cleaned-up the page to remove the material which is no longer of interest, but I have tried to preserve the format and spirit of the original site, some of which might be considered like a slice of history.